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The IPC Pacific PET® Process is founded on the principle all business ‘systems’ require three active components to operate. Optimisation of the entire system therefore depends on all three components being present and, the linkages between these components being effective and over time, being refined resulting in greater system efficiency.

On many occasions we find the components are all present but are either ill prepared or are not effectively linked. Review using the IPCP PET® Process ensures a structured and objectively driven analysis is undertaken and an effective project based mitigation plan is applied.

PET® examination of the ENTERPRISE component involves an initial detailed assessment of the individual process intent, listing of the process functional requirements and a corresponding audit of all pre-existing enterprise ‘capital’ including: policy & procedures, work method statements, project controls & close-out reports, completed estimates & estimate review reports, templates & examples, empirical databases, external proprietary databases, all published standards and codes, specifications, drawings, materials lists, cable schedules and lists, process guidelines or go-by documents, corporate manuals, etc. etc..

The focus of the Enterprise component is to provide structure to describe HOW the knowledge and Tools data is input, arranged, processed, reported, analysed and interpreted within a controlled and uniform frame of reference. Where possible the Enterprise procedures and methodologies should be embedded within the Tools technologies by way of workflow engines and standardized report configurations.

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