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Within the IPCP PET® Process ‘People’ includes the skills, education and experiences the individuals operating the system bring to the process. Education prepares people to build skills through experience and apply this experience within a process frame as knowledge adding P value to the System.

The ICP-Pacific PET® Process is founded on the principle all business ‘systems’ require three active components to operate. Optimisation of the entire system therefore depends on all three components being present and, the linkages between these components being effective and over time, being refined resulting in greater system efficiency.

On many occasions we find the components are all present but are either ill prepared or are not effectively linked. Review using the IPCP PET® Process ensures a structured and objectively driven analysis is undertaken and an effective, planned and measured project based mitigation plan is applied.

Examination of the PEOPLE component would involve a full assessment of the individual process intent, the functional requirements, expression of the required education, skills, experience and therefore the anticipated knowledge threshold required to complete the individual tasks within the functional process list. This process includes established checklists and other IPC Pacific “Enterprise” IP to ensure focus and reduce the overall time and effort required.

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