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    PET® define TOOLS as Hardware and Software used to leverage technology within the ‘System’. Appropriate and fit-for-purpose Tools are essential in business to provide real-time-data visibility & active management of fast moving processes. Tools control data structures & provide review assurance, speed and accuracy.

    The IPC Pacific PET® Process is founded on the principle all business ‘systems’ require three active components to operate. Optimisation of the entire system therefore depends on all three components being present and, the linkages between these components being effective and well understood. Over time the ability of the TOOLS can present the greatest challenge in terms of linkages and people/tools interaction, therefore, the importance of selecting the best available fit TOOL set is paramount to long term ‘system’ efficiency, business competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

    In the space of Capital & Business efficiency optimization on too many occasions we find a hybrid of TOOLS used for the planning, launch and execution management of Project/Process Controls. In most cases it is unfortunate we find the TOOLS component either missing completely, adapted by generic data tracking tools such as Excel or in the worst cases, adapted to corporate ERP systems.

    Inadequate adaptation of ERP systems is probably the most common serious mistake made by global business today. Many such systems are designed and their development controlled by the corporate finance teams, which completely negates the ability to effectively manage and control the actual process.

    For example, tools in common use for what many organisations term Project Management, such as ERP systems, are often complex to use, costly to access and subject to high security requirements but even worse they are also lacking on planning and forecasting capabilities and are primarily driven by actual accounting data which can take many weeks or months to display the real project situation. Effective pro-active project or business process control can only be exercised by providing early warning via ‘informal data visibility’ as noted within the AACE total cost management TCM® guidelines cost can only truly be managed by influencing the resources which are consuming the costs, ie: better organization, sequencing, use of plant, productivity improvements, etc.. Core metrics such as Time Phased Budget + Planned Vs Actual Commitment Curves (lead P&C indicators) + Planned Vs Actual Labour, Materials and Equipment expenditures are all required for effective pro-active Project Manager to achieve their needs.

    This example is just one within a plethora of misunderstood and wasted project & process management effort. The IPCP PET® system TOOLS process ensures a complete and structured objective analysis of existing TOOLS and data interactions is undertaken and an effective project based mitigation plan is applied.

    PET® examination of the TOOLS component involves development of a detailed matrix listing all software tools and the attributes and data transfer linkages within and between the separate software tools. Detailed listing of the process functional tool requirements and a corresponding audit of all pre-existing Tools allows alignment with procedures and data structures to ensure alignment with data input, arrangements, workflow processing and reporting within a standard frame of reference to ensure enterprise procedures and methodologies are supported by TOOLS technologies.

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